"A storming powerhouse of big-band African funk, Chopteeth is smart, tight and relentlessly driving: a definite don't-miss."
—The Washington Post

"Lunatic energy."
—National Public Radio

"Thunderous and potent: upbeat Swahili lyrics over a South African pulse one second, to spaghetti Western-inspired instrumentals the next. True to the political essence at the heart of Fela's music."


Bone Reader CD
Now Available!

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Great reviews for Bone Reader!: Chopteeth's "expansive, larger-than-life performances turn into one gigantic dance party" (DC Music Download). The CD features "elegant horn lines, complex West African rhythms and a funk groove...expanding the band's songwriting forces for a tighter, more creative sound" (Broadway World). "Felt wisdom" (Robert Christgau).



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